Rashid Shaheed Foundation (RSF) is educating 230 students belong tribal districts (former FATA) of Pakistan, who were badly suffered of terrorism. RSF provide all the educational facilities to give them equal opportunities to grow and flourished.

RSF has established Mian Muhammad Sareer Shaheed Memorial Hospital at Jalozai, which will provide quality health facilities to the needy people.

Rashid Shaheed Ambulance service is active 24/7 to cope the emergency situations and facilitate people living in Nowshera and Peshawar.

Rashid Shaheed Computer Academy educated 1700 from 2013.

Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center has trained more then 800 women specifically widows and divorced on handicrafts to be self-sufficient and earn bread and butter for their own.

Rashid Shaheed Literacy Centers are educating those girls and women from age 9-40 years on their doorsteps who haven’t the opportunities to go schools.