Certificate Distributions at Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center

Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center distributed certificates in girls/women after successfully completion of their diplomas.
Today the former member of national assembly (MNA) Jamila Gelani, former MPA Shagufta Malik and a youth activist Palwasha Abbas visit the Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center and examine the work done by the enrolled girls/women.
They appreciated their work and encourage them to continue learn and teach process at their own capacity and educate the neighbor’s girls who are not allowed to go outside the home.
Jamila Gelani said, Rashid Shaheed Foundation is perfectly focusing the unfocused and deprived community to make them competent to survive and earn for their-own.

Board member Shagufta Malik is giving certificate to a women at Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center.


Palwasha Abbas is examining the pieces by students at Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center
Rashid Shaheed Directors team examining the art pieces made by girls at Rashid Shaheed Dastakari Center.